Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
LIPL Shiksha

A quote rightly said by honorable President of India Mr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, “Children are the foundation to a strong and prosperous nation”. It becomes our social responsibility to nurture them and give them an opportunity to learn and grow to be well educated citizens of the country.

“Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world”. By education, not only does one grow, but also contribute to the overall growth of the society and community one belongs to.

We firmly believe that children are the future visionaries of our society. They will be fundamental in bringing about noteworthy changes in the society at large. “A child without education is like a bird without wings”.

We have realized our vision through the same and have taken an initiative of “Gifting Education”. LIPL SHIKSHA platform gifts education to those in need of it and support them in their quest for learning and growing. It is our belief that this may help them grow into a better person and also make them responsible citizens of the country.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. LIPL Shiksha gifts education by means of providing financial assistance to students in need so as to enable them to pursue their studies. Also, we also have been providing these children with an access to more books than those available in the syllabus in the form of a library. We look to set up a library in their respective schools.

We took the first step of this long journey with 30 students. These students are recognized to possess a lot of potential, and zeal to study further. LIPL Shiksha supports the students by providing them with necessary funds for payment of fees and give them access to more number of books to extend their horizons of learning in all directions. They remind us how hopeful India could be if we could channelize their talents in the right direction!

We do and will be holding their hands and see them blossoming in to beautiful flowers and spreading their fragrance in all walks of life!
Logistic Integrators ( I ) Pvt Ltd., receives the title of “India’s Small Giant” from the Ministry of MSME, Govt of India & SME forum of India.
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CRISIL ratings accredited to Logistic Integrators and have awarded NSIC-CRISIL Rating: SE 1B. This also highlights the Performance Capability of the company.

ACHILLES FIRST POINT ASSESSMENT, UK, certifies Logistic Integrators as an approved Supplier to Oil and Gas Industry. This certification enables the company to handle
the logistic services requirements of Oil and Gas Industry worldwide.

The leading trade magazine the LINK, interviews Logistic Integrators and publishes
as a cover story in the January issue.
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