The vision objective of Logistic Integrators is “innovating solutions”.

The process necessarily involves an exploration, discovery, breaking mind sets and looking beyond the obvious.

Thinking should be limitless, without boundaries, boundaries!!

At Logistic Integrators, every solution undergoes the process of exploration.

Hence at Logistic Integrators, it is all “no boundaries”

Geography, Distance, Network, boundaries!!
Associates, strategic alliances, boundaries!!
Range of services, Products, Industry boundaries!!
Nationality of staff, boundaries!!!
Creativity, imagination, Freedom of boundaries!!
Opportunities, Choice, Solutions, boundaries!!

It is that state of meditative mind where one observes boundary-less-ness, everything is within hence infinite!!

It is boundaries......................
Logistic Integrators ( I ) Pvt Ltd., receives the title of “India’s Small Giant” from the Ministry of MSME, Govt of India & SME forum of India.
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CRISIL ratings accredited to Logistic Integrators and have awarded NSIC-CRISIL Rating: SE 1B. This also highlights the Performance Capability of the company.

ACHILLES FIRST POINT ASSESSMENT, UK, certifies Logistic Integrators as an approved Supplier to Oil and Gas Industry. This certification enables the company to handle
the logistic services requirements of Oil and Gas Industry worldwide.

The leading trade magazine the LINK, interviews Logistic Integrators and publishes
as a cover story in the January issue.
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